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Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets consist of a natural wood veneer which is laminated at high pressure and temperature to a Kraft paper backing. Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets offer the user the flexibility to work in cases where the use of conventional veneers or solid timber has previously been difficult or too expensive. They are ideal for the production of ‘bespoke market products’, in all areas of the furniture and associated industries, including shop fitting, bespoke joinery, hotel, office and high quality furniture sectors. Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets can be used for flat lamination and membrane pressing, as a veneer wrap, for shaped and curved panels and post forming.   

With a huge range of applications, Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets, offer ease of application with a high quality finish. Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and adhered onto a clean, dry surface using traditional woodworking adhesive. Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets offer ease of handling and unlike delicate conventional veneers are not prone to flake, split or splinter.  

The standard size of our Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets is 2440 x 1220mm, in a thickness of 0.7mm. Other sizes are available to order, subject to production lead-time and minimum order quantity. Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets are available in a wide range of species of natural and pre-composed veneers, burls and even dyed or bleached veneers and are supplied sanded ready for staining, polishing or finishing as required.




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